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Krissy Lerdal
Sales Director

Meet Krissy Lerdal, an Economic Development Executive with a worldly perspective shaped by her childhood spent traveling with the Air Force. This tapestry of experiences has become the cornerstone of her exceptional ability to engage with diverse communities in her role in Texas, driven by an educational foundation from New Mexico State University.

In the span of two impactful years, Krissy has brought vibrancy and economic vitality to the regions she serves, guided by a deep-rooted passion for progress and connectivity. Beyond her professional sphere, Krissy is a spirited karaoke enthusiast, a creative soul who crafts thoughtful gifts, and a culinary aficionado who loves to express her appreciation through the universal language of food.

At home, Krissy's life is enriched by a loving 20-year marriage and the joys of parenthood. Her commitment to service extends through her active involvement with TEDC, Rotary International, and other community organizations, reflecting a life dedicated to giving, both personally and professionally.


Krissy Lerdal
Sales Director
Hatch Green Chile Enchiladas
Norway or Omaha, Nebraska