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Head of Security

Ragnar is the Head of Security at Viking FilmWorks, a Doberman of unmatched poise and intelligence, whose sleek silhouette is as much a part of the creative team's aesthetic as the avant-garde art that adorns their walls. With a gaze that misses nothing and a stance that speaks of strength, Ragnar is the steadfast guardian of innovation, patrolling the studio's labyrinth of design spaces with disciplined precision. His impressive lineage is matched only by his training in advanced obedience and protection, making him an imposing yet graceful figure that silently weaves among the team, ensuring their safety and the integrity of their visionary work. Loyal to the core, Ragnar's mere presence is a reassuring whisper to the artists, that while they lose themselves in the tapestry of their creative process, their sentinel stands ever vigilant, a living emblem of securi


Head of Security
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