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Not All Drone Photography Is Equal

It seems like everyone has the ability to shoot drone photos and video these days. This doesn’t mean all footage is created equal though. Frame rates, filters, composition, and flight paths are all critical to the quality of the final content. We get it, you’re thinking, “Hey you know Jim in accounting? Doesn't his kid have a drone?” Well yes - he does, but that doesn’t mean you just made the best decision you could make. Kind of like when you decided to try bringing Jams back? There are some things about commercial drone photography you’ll need to know before you call Jim up. Drone pilots capturing commercial footage need to be certified and carry insurance in case something unplanned happens. Even the most experienced pilot can encounter unforeseen hazards that can result in damage to property and equipment. There are also several important federal and local rules drone pilots need to be aware of and comply with. At Viking, our drone pilots are highly skilled, certified pros who love to fly and are constantly thinking of new angles to use to better tell your story. Understanding drone movement, filters, and frame rates require time and practice to master. We know because we’ve done it.


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